Delusions of Grandeur Studio

Delusions of Grandeur founder, Keren Kemp has a spirit for grand ideas so huge that they are delusional and almost laughable but not impractical. Her mind toils and tinkers with eclectic, delightful, asymmetrical designs.  She has after many years put her ideas on paper and has begun to spin them into action. Keren has come to the conclusion that she suffers from "Delusions of Grandeur" and the only cure is to act out her dreams and drown her fears by living and doing rather than dreaming and wondering.
Keren introduces to you... "Delusions of Grandeur" jewelry. You are invited to start living and dreaming with her.
 DG Designs are inspired by the energy of today's casual, independent, and sophisticated woman who seeks jewelry that compliments her views and ideas. Referencing shapes from nature by merging curves with geometric patterns we create a duality of sensual yet daring jewelry that compliments the complexity of the modern gal.
Each piece of jewelry is made by hand in our studio located at Keystone Art Space in Glassell Park, CA.